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ICCIE To Be Held In November In Beijing

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The Second China (Beijing) International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo to be held in November in Beijing

The Second China (Beijing) International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo is to be held from November 7th to 11th in Beijing. At the present, all preparations including inviting businessmen and exhibitors are going on intensively.

The ICCIE is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, the State Administration of Radio Film and Television, General Administration of Press and Publication and the Beijing Municipal Government, and organized by CCPIT Beijing Sub-council, with assistance coming from Beijing¡¯s 25 relevant government departments. The ICCIE is the international industrial cooperation platform set up by the Chinese government to implement the national strategy for the cultural and creative industries, display excellent products, disseminate forward-looking ideas, exchange industrial information and expand external cooperation. Meanwhile, it is also a market-oriented exchange and transaction platform for China¡¯s cultural and creative industries, which have great demand potential, to integrate their resources, complement each other¡¯s strengths, display business opportunities and conduct mutually beneficial cooperation.

The second ICCIE takes "Cultural Creativity and Cultural Olympics" as its theme, integrating creative thinking, technology contents, and cultural background into one. Through five series of scores of activities in all, including the opening and closing ceremonies, exhibitions, forums, trade promotions and creative experiences, it will make great efforts to disseminate the innovative ideas and strategies of cultural Olympics, fully demonstrate and utilize the Olympic opportunities, promote independent innovation, introduce more original Chinese brands and modern cultural and creative brands, upgrade the level of international and national participation, attract more domestic and foreign high-end cultural and creative technologies and products, promote trade talks and industrial cooperation, and push Chinese cultural and creative products abroad

1. Overall activity arrangements for the second ICCIE

Compared with the first session, the second ICCIE will have a larger overall scale, more abundant contents and a higher professional level, highlighting its platform function of industrial exchange and trade.

1) Exhibitions and displays:
As the largest core stage of ICCIE, the exhibitions will be held simultaneously at the China International Exhibition Center and more than 10 exhibition venues and museums in Beijing. The main venue is the China International Exhibition Center, including all of its 9 halls and the front outdoor plaza, with an exhibition area of over 60,000 square meters, doubling the space used for the first ICCIE. The exhibitions will cover the major sectors of cultural and creative industries. The second ICCIE will hold 11 specialized exhibitions including broadcasting, film and television; the press, publishing, printing, distribution and copyright trade; cultural relics and museum related cultural creative products; arts and crafts transactions; creative design; cultural tourism scenic spots and products; galleries and art deals; animated cartoon games; cultural entertainment industry transactions; creative life experiences; and urban sculptures; as well as five integrated exhibitions including the Olympic theme; provincial and municipal cultural and creative industries; concentrated areas for cultural and creative industries; cultural and creative products by the young people; and Taipei exhibition under the theme of cultural creativity. Meanwhile, many other art galleries and museums including the National Palace Museum, Capital Museum, the China Millennium Monument, Beijing Art Museum, the Art Institute of Tsinghua University, the Golden Hall of Beijing Hotel and Songzhuang of Tongzhou will be organized as sub-exhibition venues for Domestic and Foreign Museum Artifact Treasures Exhibition, Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition, Chinese Artifacts Expo, Art Critics¡¯ Annual Meeting, etc.

2) Trade promotions:
During the ICCIE, a wide range of diversified trade promotions will be held including the international copyright trade negotiations, cartoon games promotion programs, art auctions, cultural performance trade promotions, cultural and creative industries project cooperation and investment and financing negotiations, etc., focusing on launching original Chinese brands and new projects of industrial cooperation, thus building in various forms pragmatic channels of exchange and transaction in cultural and creative industries for domestic and foreign businessmen of different professions and the investment and financing institutions. At the same time, series of events will be held to promote policy planning for cultural and creative industries in various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, and external cooperation projects in concentrated areas of cultural and creative industries.

3) Forums and summit conferences:
Taking "the International Forum on the Development of Cultural and Creative Industries" as the main forum, the ICCIE will hold 14 specialized forums on topics such as corporate culture and brand creation for cultural and creative industry investment and financing companies; radio, film and television; the international copyright protection; cartoon games development; design and utilization of museum derivative products; development of the photo industry; construction of the fashion capital; innovation of theme park activities; the international meeting industry; animated cartoon design; the Sino-British creative industries; development of concentrated areas for cultural and creative industries and development of Beijing¡¯s cultural and creative industries, so as to conduct high-end international dialog and discussion on the development of cultural and creative industries from different perspectives, both domestic and international, and both macro and micro.

4) Theatrical performances:
A special grand theatrical performance will raise the curtain for the ICCIE. Meanwhile, many large-scale theatrical performances will be put on during the whole process of the ICCIE and continue for some time afterwards, including 15 domestic and foreign classic dance performances in the Beijing International Dance Festival which demonstrate different geographical flavors of the East and the West; the original dance drama ¡°The Gold Face Dynasty¡° which involves a large sum of investment and blends various performance styles of dance, music, acrobatics, apparel, video, etc.; the large normal tourist performance "Kung Fu Legend" which has been put into the cultural market and well received; and "innovated special folk art performances¡± which takes the ancient folk performing art as the foundation and integrates innovative planning, etc. The aim is to enrich the cultural life of the capital city and at the same time demonstrate the charm of China¡¯s market of cultural performances.

5) Creative activities:
More than 10 rich and colorful creative activities in various fields will be organized including the Second China Red Star Creative Design Awards, Display of Design Competition Results, Presentation of the Annual Awards of China's Creative Industries, CMG 2007 Chinese Handset E-sportsmen Classic Competition£¬COSPIAY Classic Invitational Competition, Beijing College Students Creative Design Star Selection, Youngsters¡¯ Urban Environmental Design Collection, Collection of Original Nursery Rhymes to Welcome the Olympics from Youngsters of the Capital City, My Favorite Olympic Licensed Products, and the Industrial Tourism ¨C "Accompanying You into 2008". The idea is to create a social atmosphere of everyone paying attention to and participating in innovation and display the development momentum of the creative economy.

In addition, the ICCIE will hold the unique creative opening and closing ceremonies, convene the International Cultural and Creative Industries Union founding conference, and organize such cultural and creative theme activities as the ceremonies for project signing and the inauguration of the second installment of Beijing¡¯s concentrated areas of cultural and creative industries, and the opening up of special tourist routes to Beijing¡¯s concentrated areas of cultural and creative industries.

2. Characteristics of the second ICCIE

The second ICCIE will firmly grasp the important opportunity of the eve of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, focus on the global trend of cultural and creative industry development, base itself on the cultural and creative industry development plan as set in the national "11th Five-Year Plan" and the demand for the development of this industry, and take ¡°promoting Chinese cultural and creative industries and their outstanding products to the world, attracting foreign capital and technological cooperation for China¡¯s cultural and creative industries¡± as its goal, going all out to build the distinctive features of holding the ICCIE in the capital city.

The first characteristic is to emphasize the theme of "cultural creativity and cultural Olympics", highlighting the strong pull of the Olympics on the cultural and creative industries. This ICCIE is the country's largest international exchange activity for cultural and creative industries on the eve of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and therefore will attract worldwide attention because of the Olympics. Meanwhile, the Olympic Games, as the world¡¯s largest international theme of cultural activities, will, in an all-round, wide area and multi-level manner, propel the development of China¡¯s cultural and creative industries. To take full advantage of this opportunity, the second ICCIE will be permeated with the core beliefs of cultural Olympics. Among other things, its exhibitions will fully demonstrate the rich cultural connotation of Beijing Olympics and the unique charm of the Chinese culture. The pavilion dedicated to the Olympic theme will display in a comprehensive manner the latest results of the three great concepts of technology Olympics, cultural Olympics and green Olympics. In the pavilions of radio and television, creative design, animated cartoon games, urban sculptures and the exhibition delegations from various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, on display will be both the material and non-material cultural heritage representing the 5000 years of Chinese civilization, art masterpieces with unique ethnic and local characteristics, and newly-emerging innovative products with modern technology and creative culture as well as diverse outstanding cultures from the world. The International Forum on the Development of Cultural and Creative Industries ¨C the main forum of the ICCIE ¨C will, focusing on the theme of cultural creativity and cultural Olympics, invite renowned experts and scholars from international professional organizations, foreign Olympic organizations as well as cultural and creative industries to conduct discussions on such heated issues as how to use Olympics to propel the development of China¡¯s cultural and creative industries and the scale and cluster development of cultural and creative enterprises in the ¡°Post-Olympic period¡±. In addition, such activities as collection of nursery rhymes under the Olympic theme, creative design star selection from college students and my favorite Olympic licensed products will create a dense atmosphere of cultural Olympics for this ICCIE.

The second characteristic is to highlight the display of prominent ¡°China-created¡± cultural products and foster China¡¯s original brands. This ICCIE will, through exhibition displays, theatrical performances, project promotions and various design and creativity assessment activities, attract the nation's outstanding cultural and creative works and products to participate. The key is to launch a large number of outstanding cultural products and original brands meeting international standards and with ethnic cultural implications and local characteristics, publicize and promote in a big way a number of leading enterprises and well-known brands in the cultural and creative industries with independent intellectual property rights, and establish a new image of China-designed and China-created products. The Second China Red Star Creative Design Awards selection and works display will introduce a large number of industrial products independently innovated by domestic leading manufacturing enterprises with high-tech contents and international design concepts.

The third point is to highlight industrial links and transactions, helping Chinese cultural and creative enterprises to march towards the international market. The ICCIE will increase the intensity of trade promotions, invitation for investment and industrial cooperation, focusing on doing a good job in the following two service links. The first is to link up the domestic with the international market. While displaying to the outside world the development environment for China¡¯s cultural and creative industries, industrial clustering plans and projects and outstanding cultural and creative products, the ICCIE will focus on organizing project promotion activities for provincial and municipal cultural and creative industrial project series with prominent local characteristics and trade promotions for specialized products including international copyright trade mainly in books, audio and video products, electronic publications, trade promotions for projects in cartoon network gaming software and operation, art auctions mainly in cultural relics, calligraphy, pictures and various collections, and trade promotions for theatrical performances mainly in the export of such performances and planning activities. We will, through multiple channels, invite target international buyers, performance agents, publishers, distinguished collectors and financial investors to conduct exchanges and negotiations with their Chinese counterparts. The second is, in the cultural and creative industries, to link up the upstream with the downstream enterprises and organizations, link up the production, academic and research organizations, and link up the cultural and creative industries with the capital market. Through a variety of media and channels, we will organize the relevant creative design, production and management enterprises and organizations in the industrial chain to attend ICCIE for negotiations. The Promotion and Discussion on Cultural and Creative Industry Investment and Financing Projects and the International Forum on Investment and Financing, which are held for the first time, will organize both domestic and foreign financial and investment institutions and venture capitalists to conduct docking negotiations with the project side.

The fourth point is to highlight the ideological content and forward-looking nature to guide the industrial development. Stimulating innovative thinking, harvesting forward-looking ideas and communicating the latest information of industrial development are one of the characteristics powerfully created by ICCIE in Beijing. The main forum and other various professional forums that have been arranged will, centered closely around the heated and focus issues in the development of China¡¯s cultural and creative industries and related areas at the present stage, bring together domestic and foreign government authoritative officials, renowned experts, academics, cultural celebrities and industry elite to conduct both forward-looking and pragmatic ideological docking and collision. The ideas and theories gathered by the forums will play an important guiding role in the development of China¡¯s cultural and creative industries.

The fifth point is to highlight national and international participation and promote regional and international industrial cooperation. This ICCIE has intensified its invitation of high-end international institutions and enterprises related to cultural creativity and well-known experts and scholars, and attract the wide participation from various provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, concentrated areas of cultural and creative industries under construction, as well as enterprises and organizations, so as to provide multi-level and multi-area communication channels for regional and international cooperation in cultural and creative industries. The International Cultural and Creative Industries Union, which will be formed during this ICCIE, will focus on the establishment of strategic cooperative partnership. Delegations from Japan, Korea, the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Britain, Italy, India, Spain and other countries will participate. At the "Sino-British Cultural and Creative Industry Forum", with the sponsorship from UK Trade and Investment, British government officials in charge and renowned institutions and entrepreneurs in its creative industry will introduce their successful experience of the British industrial development as it was Britain that first developed the concept of creative industry, and explore cooperative opportunities between Chinese and British cultural and creative industries. At the ¡°Exhibition of Chinese Cultural Relics Overseas¡± which is to be held at the sub-venue of Beijing Hotel, more than 30 world-renowned collectors from over 20 countries will participate and conduct high-end forum dialogues. In addition, the ethnic flavor dances performed by dance troupes from the United States, Britain, Ireland, Australia, Argentina, Spain etc. at the Beijing International Dance Festival, the Foreign Museum Artifact Treasures Exhibition and the Exhibition of International Master Paintings held at the National Palace Museum and Capital Museum will provide extensive international exchange space for sectors related to the national cultural and creative industries.

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