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Contemporary Art Upsets the Apple Cart Literally

E Gallery Time:2007-9-13  Channle:Art  Form:Art of China 
Apples have become a controversial part of the ShContemporary 2007 at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. Not just a few apples either. Ten tons of apples have been spread over 300 square meters outside the center and they have been attracting hundreds of art enthusiasts, puzzled onlookers and photographers.

Initially crowds were drawn by the color and fruity aroma but then the artist and creator of the installation, Gu Dexin, added another touch - a steamroller dripping black oil and gradually running over and crushing the apples.

Gu, the 45-year-old artist, does not talk to journalists but this is not the first time Gu and his apples have attracted attention.

On the second floor of the current exhibition, there are photographs of a similar apple installation he created last year at the Galleria Continua, Beijing.

According to Lubi Reboani, Gu's colleague at the gallery, he often creates ironic art works with fresh food such as apple, banana or even animal brains.

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(exhibition scene)

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