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Zigong,in the centre of southern Sichuan,is one of the national famous historical and cultural cities in the People's Republic of China.It is also one of the excellent tour cities in China by its unique characteristics. Zigong has been famous for the "Salt City with Thousand Year History"、the"Dinosaur Fossils Wonders" and the" Lantern Town in the South Kingdom ".And it is the hometown of WuYuzhang(a celebrity in Chinese culture)、LiZongwu(the author of the《Thick Face, Black Heart》)、ZhaoXi(a famous calligrapher)and LuQian.We can travel to the former residence of ZhangDaqian in half an hour、the former residence of GuoMoruo in one and a half hours、the JiangZhaohe Memorial in two hours、Jiajiang where the hometown of the xuan paper in two and a half hours、the Emei Mountain in three hours、the Du Fu Memorial Hall in three hours and the mountain city-Chongqing in three hours from Zigong. As the acknowledgement of Zigong Dinosaur Ggopark and the International Dinosaur Lantern Festival has been successfully holding by years,Zigong is becoming a large city in China.

The E Gallery was established in 2001,Zigong.It is a horizontal organization for the research、exhibit、competition and collection of Calligraphies and Paintings.And it is also a platform for the artists to show their productions.Many calligraphist and artist gourps in power joined it and exhibited their productions throughout the country.We engaged some calligraphists and artists as the artistic advisers and the painters,signed up many calligraphists and artists. Warmly welcome you join us.

The E Gallery cooperated with the Western Calligraphie & Painting Academy on a series of the “Western Calligraphies and Paintings”,made artistic post cards in a catena, arranged an exhibition on “Go West Calligraphists and Artists”, arranged an exhibition on “Go West The Famous Calligraphists and Artists”. Until now, we have held two successful “Light In The West” for the famous calligraphists and artists in the whole country. The E Gallery redact the《Art In China》、《Western Calligraphies & Paintings》with the Western Calligraphie & Painting Academy: to show the productions of calligraphist and artist gourps in power、to report the news about the calligraphies and paintings、to introduce the opuses we collected.The specific presses have been becoming the bridge among the areas of calligraphies、paintings and collections.

As one of the web site brands under the Chinese Artists' Networked Union, the E Gallery has been becoming a splendid view of chinese arts on the net with Art86.cn、Xbsh.net、Bbs.atr86.cn、Blog.art86.cn、Youhuajia.art86.cn and Yb.xbsh.net. A large number of originals by calligraphists and artists are immensely popular with collectors.By hosting the “price favorable on the calligraphies and paintings”,the E Gallery fosted a good company image with its excellent services.

Exhibitions and advertisements、events plan、art collection、train the youngster、a platform for shows、specially invite to join are all in the E Gallery.

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